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A focal point in the Johnson family home

via the Vestaboard Newsroom:

Customer Devon Johnson surprised his wife and children with a Vestaboard for their remodeled San Francisco home. And they love it. Their Vestaboard has become a focus in their home for sharing information, delighting guests and sending messages of encouragement. Learn how the Johnson family uses Vestaboard as a main information sharing area. 

Devon said in his interview,

"If a friend or family member were thinking about buying a Vestaboard, I would tell them that there is just something truly unique about it -- it creates a central focal point in your home that can’t be imitated. The smart integration of this mechanical device with the connection to the internet makes the possibilities endless.

Vestaboard creates a main information sharing area within our family.  We put on a morning message for everybody. We use it to post messages to our kids as a one last kiss goodbye when they head off to school. And we also use it for tomorrow's weather report that comes up at 8 o'clock every night.

My family loves the look on our guests’ faces when they arrive and I am able to press a button on the Vestaboard app and have a message cascade down on the Vestaboard. It welcomes them to the home and also lets them feel integrated and connected."

Learn more about using Vestaboard At Home.

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