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Case Study: Retail - Iconic Record Shop Rough Trade Features 5 Vestaboard Displays

Iconic record store Rough Trade features five Vestaboard displays in their new Rockefeller Center location in New York City. They chose Vestaboard because it is an exciting, eye-catching way to engage with shoppers.

See Store Manager George Flanagan and Marketing Manage Wendy Waseige share how Vestaboard benefits their customers and enhances their business.

"It always draws attention to it in a way that just a sign on a wall would never do,” says George.

Ticketing partner DICE utilizes Vestaboard's API to send automatic updates around forthcoming shows to one dedicated Vestaboard in Rough Trade. Learn more about the API.

Learn more about using Vestaboard At Work.

Tags: Video, Work, Retail, Case Study

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