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Pediatric Psychologist motivates kids and parents with Vestaboard

Pediatric psychologist Oren Boxer installed Vestaboard in the waiting room of his office to engage patients and their parents.

“We love our Vestaboard and use it to inspire our families and the children we work with to strive for greatness,” says Dr. Boxer.

Vestaboard displays upcoming clinics and news for parents, and the children love Vestaboard too. To keep children engaged and excited, Boxer holds a weekly video game competition featuring the popular game Mario Super Smash Bros. Children with the highest scores get to show off on the Vestaboard.  

“We understand that many children are struggling now, and we feel fortunate that we can offer even a short reprieve from daily stressors; Vestaboard makes those moments more fun and memorable."

Learn more about Vestaboard At Home and At Work.

Tags: Work, Healthcare

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