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Limited Edition Vestaboard White Sells Out

April 21, 2023 / by Rachel Rivas

White_8K_00007 - Email hero image


Limited Edition Vestaboard White is officially sold out across all regions, and the response from the community has been incredible. 

Due to the strong demand, we are considering bringing back Vestaboard White in the future. Sign up for the first chance to pre-order Vestaboard White if and when more become available.

Thank you for making Vestaboard White a smashing success. We're committed to continuing to bring you innovative and unique products that elevate your space and that help you inspire others.

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Rachel Rivas

Written by Rachel Rivas

Rachel is a coordinator for investor relations and marketing for Vestaboard. She loves to use Vestaboard to help keep her organized and on schedule. Outside of work, you can usually find her at her local coffee shop or working on her pottery.

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