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Customer Story: Office

May 07, 2020 / by Carolyn Nickell

Today, we're sharing with you the story of Vestaboard customer Josh Clemm, an engineering manager at Uber who works on Uber Eats. When Josh is managing his team, he prioritizes great work culture, diversity and inclusion, putting employees first, and having fun!

He loves Vestaboard because its physical design catches people's attention, it empowers his team to send messages, and lets a company culture of recognition and thankfulness shine through. 

Vestaboard catches people's attention because it's physical, whereas a lot of our world is just digital.


Empower team members to send messages to Vestaboard thanks to its internet connection. 


Vestaboard is a unique channel through which to thank and recognize team members.

So far, we have shared with you the stories of our customers Meredith, who uses a prototype Vestaboard at home, and Greg of Coffeebar, who will be putting Vestaboard in all of his shop locations. Over 20 digital prototypes are being operated by customers worldwide to help improve our software and API. 

How would you like to use your Vestaboard? Let us know @vestaboard

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Carolyn Nickell

Written by Carolyn Nickell

Carolyn, who manages communications, loves to help the world stay connected and inspired through Vestaboard. She also enjoys coding and playing ukulele.

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