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Look up at what’s next with calendar updates on Vestaboard+

September 02, 2022 / by Mark Confroy


Whether at home or at work, get your favorite people looking up to see what’s next with calendar updates on Vestaboard. Watch the video above to see it in action. Shop Vestaboard or Vestaboard White now.

With Vestaboard+, it’s easy to set up notifications for calendars on Outlook and Google. Display upcoming events, what's happening now, and when you've got free time. Useful for keeping track of your personal schedule, or to indicate meeting room availability.

You can customize how and when your calendar updates appear – for example, to display 5 or 10 minutes before the event, or right at the event’s start time. You can also choose to show a daily briefing. For further customization, developers can build on our local and cloud APIs for customers.

To learn more about our software, explore the free features of our core app and discover Vestaboard+. Calendar updates are just one of over 200 channels available on Vestaboard+. 

See how our customers are enjoying using Vestaboard and Vestaboard+ in the latest customer stories and videos. What features and Vestaboard+ channels would you like to see? Tell us here.

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Mark Confroy

Written by Mark Confroy

Mark leads all things product to ensure our software supports customers in inspiring from anywhere. Outside the office, you'll find him catching live music, trekking through state parks, or hosting game nights with family and friends.

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