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Customers can now pin messages, manage history, and transfer ownership

August 17, 2022 / by Mark Confroy


We’re pleased to announce new features now live in the latest versions of our software for all Vestaboard customers. To become a customer, shop Vestaboard or Vestaboard White Limited Edition now. 

With the new updates for iOS and Android, Vestaboard customers are now able to pin important messages, manage history, and transfer ownership. Learn more:


Pin Important Messages 

Have a special message you'd like to keep on your Vestaboard for a few hours or maybe all day? Keep it displayed for whatever length of time you choose. When a message is pinned, incoming messages will be muted until the pin expires. Learn more.



Transfer Ownership

If you initially set up your Vestaboard under one user, but would like to transfer the ownership to another user, you can now easily make this change directly within the mobile app. Learn more.


Filter Message History

Find specific messages from your past sends easily by filtering out messages from other users or certain Vestaboard+ channels. Learn more.



Hide / Delete Past Sends

Keep your message history organized and clean. Vestaboard owners can now delete individual messages from your history. Learn more.


Get to know the robust free features of our core app, and discover over 190 optional content channels through Vestaboard+. The most popular use cases include daily artwork, “now playing” music integrations, stock tickers, weather, sports scores, news and quotes from hundreds of sources ranging from the comedic to the educational.

Are you a developer wanting access to our local and cloud APIs for customers? Sign up now.

What features would you like to see? Let us know.

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Mark Confroy

Written by Mark Confroy

Mark leads all things product to ensure our software supports customers in inspiring from anywhere. Outside the office, you'll find him catching live music, trekking through state parks, or hosting game nights with family and friends.

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