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Zach Braff cheers with Vestaboard

Actor, director, and producer Zach Braff, one of the earliest Vestaboard customers, rewarded his followers who registered to vote with the appletini recipe featured on his Vestaboard. 

His friend and fellow actor / comedian Donald Faison joins him in his home kitchen for the celebratory drink. Laugh along with Zach and Donald in their lively and boisterous Instagram Live as they prepare their beverages. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 9.48.16 PM

Zach has also shared holiday designs and inspiring  messages on his Vestaboard via Instagram Stories. 

The caption in his video above reads:


11,400 people registered to vote or checked in with their registration status! Here’s your prize.
And of course.. make sure you all VOTE!!!! #eagle
Thank you #goodtovote @headcountorg for letting us join the team.


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Tags: Video, Home, Celebrate, Kitchen, Zach Braff, Cocktail

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