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Vestaboard+ allows tavern owner to enhance conversations

image (2)-May-16-2022-03-14-05-54-PM

Vestaboard+ offers a library of automated channels that help start conversations and create more interpersonal interactions at Joan's Tavern, an “old school” bar in Ashland, Ohio. “We are an ‘old soul’ kind of bar. We don’t turn on the TV until someone asks us, and in the last month I've only been asked to turn on our TV once,” exclaims owner Alex Bosley.

“Our bar thrives on interpersonal interactions, and Vestaboard perfectly compliments what my guests desire in this setting,” he continues.

Joan’s Tavern also uses Vestaboard as a creative and engaging marketing tool by catering messages to the time of day. “As we get into the later hours, I use the board to advertise our best selling food items,” Alex explains. Vestaboard gets customers to look up and read various menu items, increasing Alex’s sales.

Customers love Vestaboard, and Vestaboard helps Alex and his team keep guests informed on upcoming events and daily specials, as well as the weather forecast and the time of day every hour.

“With the app on my phone, the possibilities are tremendous, and I look forward to new creative ideas on utilizing my Vestaboard at Joan's Tavern!”

Learn more about Vestaboard at work.

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