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Mindful Mama motivates fans and family with Vestaboard


Mindfulness guru and mama extraordinaire Josephine Atluri placed her Vestaboard front and center in the entryway of her family's home. It is a place where she shares inspiring quotes, creative patterns, and relatable and often humorous messages, especially about the experience of motherhood with her family, friends and social media fans. Plus, guests loving seeing Vestaboard when they come into her home!

Above, Josephine celebrates the first day of school for two of her children on Vestaboard. 

The caption reads:

First day of school feels...me and my boys are a mix of nervousness and excitement. It was a flurry of activity to get them to school on time but now that I'm sitting here and posting the floodgate of tears has opened. #thisismotherhood

#firstdayofschool #firstdayofkindergarten #lifewithlittles #twinning #momoftwins #kindergartenlife #momlifebelike #motherhoodunplugged #nevergrowup #vestaboard #enjoythemoments

We love seeing Josephine's creative content utilizing Vestaboard. See more on her Instagram.

Learn more about using Vestaboard At Home.

Tags: Video, Instagram, Home, School, Children

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