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Receiving morning greetings from daughter away at college delights family



Customer Doug Millen of Highland Park, Illinois, displays a portrait of his family's pet cat on Vestaboard -- and the actual cat happened to walk by at the perfect moment.

The Millen's kitchen Vestaboard brings the family together, whether through inspirational quotes, creative patterns, or other special messages -- even when some of the family is away, the Vestaboard can help them stay connected to one another.

Doug says, "Some of my favorite messages so far have been morning greetings from our daughter who has been away at college. We view the Vestaboard as a work of mechanical art. It is exceptionally well made and easy to use…all who have seen it marvel at the satisfying clacks of the flaps as we await to see the next message to be revealed.” 

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Tags: Home, Kitchen, Cat

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