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Vestaboard continues to rank best-in-class in Net Promoter Score

February 24, 2024 / by Maddie Frame

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For the third time in a row, Vestaboard ranks best-in-class for technology companies based on our Q1 2024 Net Promoter Score (NPS). 84.6% of respondents rated Vestaboard a 9 or 10, resulting in an NPS score of 73.26. “An NPS over 70 means your customers love you,” according to Retently. 

The NPS score is a foundational tool companies use to measure performance and identify areas of improvement. “We strive to develop a culture of continuous improvement and innovation that is centered around meeting and exceeding customer expectations,” remarked Head of Product Mark Confroy. “To consistently place among industry leaders like Zoom, Amazon and Starbucks is a tribute to the hard work of our entire product team.”

See what some of our customers had to say:


“After multiple years of ownership, it continues to be as engaging to me and to visitors in my home as it was originally… and that sound.” Russel Howell


“It’s the centerpiece of our home.” Paul J Grant


”It’s so easy to use and I can communicate to my husband when I am not home. It’s also fun when guests come over to play various welcome messages.” Delaney Trimble


”This does everything I could dream of.” Andrew Yeung


“Vestaboard encourages me to pause and reflect or smile.” Bruce Hoffmeister


An NPS score of 64 or higher places a company in the top quartile for technology companies, according to fullview. NPS leaders include Amazon with a score of 73, Zoom at 72 and Starbucks with a score of 77 (Customergauge)

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Maddie Frame

Written by Maddie Frame

Maddie coordinates paid media marketing and manages Vestaboard’s social platforms. Lover of chai lattes, beach time & exploring the great outdoors.

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