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You're invited to our Live Event - RSVP required

January 01, 2021 / by Theresa Gadaire

Happy New Year! Join us for a live event to learn more about Vestaboard’s plans for building an extraordinary company. Hosted by our CEO / Founder, Dorrian Porter, and featuring more team members on Tuesday, January 12th @ 9:00 AM PST. 


Tune in live for

  • A demonstration of Vestaboard’s software, including recurring messages and more
  • News about our recent investment offering, current offer and plans for 2021
  • Customer stories of our 415 deliveries “In the Wild” in December
  • Unveiling our Founders’ Vestaboard, including dedications from investors and Founding Customers
  • The introduction of Inspire Community, Vestaboard’s program to donate 1 in 100 Vestaboards to organizations and people who inspire others

RSVP to Live Event

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021 at 9AM Pacific Time

Space is limited. 


Tags: Production, Team, Company

Theresa Gadaire

Written by Theresa Gadaire

Theresa leads the daily engagement with our customer base, and is shaping areas of Customer Success, training and account management. Some of her loves include globetrotting, anything 80's, baseball, and sarcasm.

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