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Updated August 17, 2022

These guidelines are designed to protect our brand, and also to help you share about Vestaboard responsibly. We have put a lot of effort into ensuring that everything we provide you is of the highest quality, and our brand represents those efforts. These guidelines are part of our Terms and Conditions.

Vestaboard, Vestaboard+, the Vestaboard logos, and other marks that we use as well as all words, slogans, icons, logos, graphics, designs, and other indicators that identify Vestaboard or its services or products are our trademarks (or simply, “marks”). The appearance, layout, color scheme, and design of the Vestaboard site are part of Vestaboard’s protected trade dress. These marks and trade dress are Vestaboard’s intellectual property and you may not use them without our prior written permission.

If we think that your use of our property is in violation of any of our Terms and Conditions or these guidelines, or if we feel that your use isn’t in Vestaboard’s best interest, we can revoke your right to use our property at any time.

If you’re looking to link to our site, republish our images, or reference our text content, check out our Content Usage Guidelines.

For Vestaboard Affiliates

If you participate in our Marketing Affiliate Program, your use of our marks is governed by your affiliate agreement. You may only use the specific trademarks identified by Vestaboard. Strict compliance with these guidelines is required at all times, and any use of the marks in violation of these guidelines will automatically terminate any right related to your use of the marks.

You may use the marks solely for the purpose expressly authorized by your affiliate agreement and your use must: (i) comply with the most up-to-date version of all agreement(s) with Vestaboard regarding your use of the marks; (ii) comply with the most up-to-date version of these guidelines; and (iii) comply with any other terms, conditions, or policies that Vestaboard may issue from time to time that apply to the use of the marks.


Vestaboard will provide access to a vendor kit, which contains an image or images of the marks for you to use. You may not alter the images of the marks in any manner, including but not limited to, changing the proportion, color, or font of the marks, or adding or removing any element(s) from the marks.


The marks must appear by themselves, with reasonable spacing between each side of a mark and other visual, graphic, or textual elements. Under no circumstance should the marks be placed on any background which interferes with the readability or display of the marks. Do not use a trademark symbol with the marks.


You acknowledge that all rights to the marks are the exclusive property of Vestaboard, and all good will generated through your use of the marks will inure solely to the benefit of Vestaboard. You will not take any action that is in conflict with Vestaboard’s rights in, or ownership of, the marks.

For journalists and the media:

Looking for basics, logos, and expert sources for Vestaboard? Check out our Press Page to get the latest.

For everyone:

Your use of the marks should not suggest any sponsorship or endorsement by us, and shouldn’t confuse our brands with any other brands. This means that you can’t place our marks on your website (other than affiliate logos that we provide to you) unless you receive written permission from us. This also means that you can’t use or register a domain name that incorporates or is similar to our trademarks.

Please don’t do any of the following:


  • Combine any of our marks with your name, your marks, or any generic terms
  • Incorporate any of our marks into your name or logo
  • Change the color of our logo
  • Photoshop or otherwise modify our logos
  • Use old versions of our logos
  • Add words directly around the logos
  • Overlap our logo with shapes or photos
  • Associate our marks with any vulgar, obscene, indecent or unlawful materia
  • Translate our marks into other languages

You may use a Vestaboard trademark, brand name, or product name (but not a stylized version of any Vestaboard mark, and not any Vestaboard logos or icons) in a referential phrase to describe that your business uses Vestaboard or offers Vestaboard products, and provided:

  • Your use of the Vestaboard word mark is referential and less prominent than your own business name or brand in the rest of the description.
  • Your use, mention, or reference to Vestaboard and/or its products does not deprecate Vestaboard and/or its products.
  • You do not use any Vestaboard stylized logo, images, product icons, or other Vestaboard-owned graphic symbols without Vestaboard’s express written permission.
  • You may not create a Twitter handle or other social media account whose username or title could suggest affiliation with or endorsement by us.
  • You may not use our marks in any advertising creative or copy (digital, social, PPC or otherwise). This includes phrases, such as “Vestaboard Partner .”
  • You may not use a trademark, domain name, or logo that is confusingly similar to our marks.

If you participate in Vestaboard’s Marketing Affiliate Program and want to use our marks and logos outside the scope of your affiliate agreement with us or in a way that implies we endorse, sponsor or approve of your services or products, you will need to seek written permission from us by emailing affiliate@vestaboard.com.

Looking to use one of our marks? Get in touch with us at affiliate@vestaboard.com.


Vestaboard reserves the right, exercisable at its sole discretion, to modify these Guidelines and/or the approved marks at any time and to take appropriate action against any use without permission or any use that does not conform to these Guidelines.