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Vestaboard Attracts Visitors’ Attention at Memphis Gathering Spot

Crosstown Concourse Atrium

“My favorite thing is walking through the atrium when the message is changing and watching people turn their heads toward Vestaboard as they hear that beautiful sound,” says Bianca Phillips of Crosstown Arts, located in Memphis’s historic Crosstown Concourse Building. Crosstown Arts installed Vestaboard in a central multi-story atrium in the heart of the renovated Crosstown Concourse building. A landmark housing eateries, shops and art venues, Crosstown Concourse is a Memphis destination for locals and tourists alike.

Bianca shares more about how Crosstown Concourse feels about Vestaboard. “It's fun! We love the ability to customize messages, and the new automation feature makes that even more appealing. We currently have programmed 10 Memphis music quotes that rotate every hour."

the atrium of Crosstown Concourse

Above photo by Paul Sableman 

Crosstown Concourse, according to their website, “stands as a product of this generation's passion and determination to do the impossible, with the same guiding belief that we truly are better together.” 

Learn more about Vestaboard At Home and At Work.

Tags: Work, Nonprofit

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