Can I repair or replace parts after my Vestaboard is out of warranty?

After the warranty expires, any potential hardware issues are no longer covered but can be serviced.

Each Vestaboard comes with a two year limited warranty, starting on the date of delivery. Below are most common scenarios and associated cost to repair or replace parts.

What happens if… 

  • A Bit fails? Replacement bit(s) can be purchased for $28.50/each (plus shipping). 
  • The wall mount is damaged when moving? Replacement wall mount kits for can be purchased for $99 or you can purchase a 400 x 400 VESA compatible mount.
  • There's an issue with the computer chip that runs the Vestaboard? Replacement computer chips with Vestaboard firmware can be purchased for $249.
  • A Vestaboard component fails that is unable to be repaired or replaced? Customers can purchase a new or refurbished Vestaboard and receive 15% off a new Vestaboard if you return the old one to us.