What do I do if a Bit or flap is not working?

If a Bit is not working correctly or doesn't land on the right character, it may be loose or have a missing flap.

To resolve:

  • Check that the Bit in question is seated properly by removing the frame and ensuring the Bit is sitting flush. If not flush, gently push on the bottom of the Bit until you hear a soft click.
  • If you have confirmed the Bit is flush, swap out the Bit with another Bit that is functioning properly by following these steps.
  • After removing and reseating the Bit, place the frame back on the Vestaboard and send a new message to check if the Bit lands on the correct character. 
  • To rotate through every supported character to check the status of your Bit flaps, you can install our Bit Character Test.

If the above steps do not solve the issue, please submit a Warranty Claim for a replacement Bit to be sent out.

When submitting warranty claim, please make sure to provide the serial number for your Vestaboard. To find the serial number, remove the frame and locate the barcode on the lower right side edge of the backplane.