What warranty is included with my Vestaboard?

Vestaboard comes with a 2-year limited warranty that covers parts and labor.

This warranty starts from the date of delivery and is only applicable to the original owner of the Vestaboard. To learn more about the specific details of the limited warranty, visit vestaboard.com/warranty.

Once the warranty period ends, any hardware issues that may arise will not be covered. Here are some situations where repairs or part replacements might be necessary and their associated costs:

If a Bit on the Vestaboard malfunctions or requires replacement, they are available for $28.50 each (plus tax and shipping).

If the wall mount is damaged, a replacement wall mount kit is available for $99 (plus tax and shipping). You could also choose to purchase an aftermarket 400 x 400 VESA compatible mount.

If there is an issue with the computer chip that runs the board, replacement computer chips with Vestaboard firmware are available for $249 (plus tax and shipping).

In the rare circumstance that a Vestaboard component fails and cannot be repaired or replaced, you have the opportunity to purchase a new or refurbished Vestaboard at a 15% discount. This discount applies if you return the old Vestaboard to us.