What best practices should I follow while installing and activating my Vestaboard?

Ready to start using your Vestaboard? Visit our installation video where we walk through the entire process, including how to mount, install and pair your Vestaboard:

Note: Please make sure to remove the plastic film on top of the frame and the foam inserts prior to using your Vestaboard. These are provided for shipping protection purposes only. Leaving them on may cause issues with functionality.

Here are some tips for a smooth experience:

  1. Pick an outlet location: If you choose one of our recommended installations to conceal the power cord, an electrician will be required to install a recessed or horizontal outlet beforehand. Alternatively, purchase a longer power cord.
  2. Finalize a mounting solution: Vestaboard should not be placed upright on a table or surface without an appropriately rated VESA compatible display system, or it is likely to fall over. For wall installations, Vestaboard should only be mounted to wood studs or concrete.
  3. Ask a friend to help: Given Vestaboard weighs 45 lbs / 20 kg without its frame, we recommend a friend help. Not comfortable installing on your own? Secure a white glove installation.
  4. Designate one pairing code owner: During the initial setup, it is important for only one person to enter the pairing code. This code is used specifically to register the Vestaboard and does not connect the board to the internet network. Once the initial setup is complete, additional board users can be added inside the app.
    Note: the pairing code will not appear if the frame is not properly in place
  5. Be patient with connecting to Wi-Fi: If you are connecting your Vestaboard to Wi-Fi, the time to come "Online" can vary depending on network settings. Do not make multiple attempts in the first 5 minutes or attempt to remove your Vestaboard inside the app to start over, which can complicate the activation. Learn more.
  6. Activate Vestaboard+: Enhance your experience with our premium service. Unlock a world of curated and automated content for your Vestaboard once you activate Vestaboard+. Learn more about the exciting possibilities that await you.

    If you run into any issues during the initial set-up, please don't hesitate to contact us.