How do you recommend mounting Vestaboard?

We recommend Vestaboard be installed with the included 400mm x 400mm VESA compatible mounting system with a power outlet either behind or below the Vestaboard as seen below. Download our Installation Guide for more details and click here for suggested cut sheet specifications.


The included wall plate is to be secured to the wall and properly mounted into a wood stud or concrete wall. You are responsible for proper installation of the wall plate. If you are unsure how to mount your Vestaboard, our nationwide network of trained technicians is available to help. 

Recommended Installation #1: Recessed Wall Outlet (Behind Vestaboard)

For optimal results, we recommend installing a recessed outlet behind the Vestaboard.

Install Option 1

Recommended Installation #2: Standard Wall Outlet (Behind Vestaboard)

It is also possible to conceal power by placing a standard wall outlet horizontally at the bottom of the Vestaboard as seen below.Install Option 2

Recommended Installation #3: Standard Wall Outlet (Below Vestaboard)

Longer accessory power cables will be available for other installations where the outlet is below the Vestaboard. Contact us directly with any unique cord length requests.

Install Option 3