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What is a VESA standard mount and how can I use one with my Vestaboard?

VESA is a measurement standard used among various wall mounting systems. It’s used to define the distance in millimeters between the four mounting holes on a Vestaboard.

Vestaboard comes standard with a 400mm x 400mm VESA compatible mount. If you’d like to buy an alternate mount for your Vestaboard, you may do so as long as the mount meets Vestaboard’s VESA standard of 400mm x 400mm.

Whether a mount is fixed, tiltable, turnable or swiveling, your Vestaboard will be properly secured if using a mount that meets this VESA standard. For wall installations, Vestaboard should only be mounted to wood studs or concrete.

When attaching the Vestaboard to an alternate mount, you’ll want to remove the Vertical Rails (as pictured below) first.