What is a VESA standard mount, and how do I use one with my Vestaboard?

VESA is a measurement standard used among various wall mounting systems and defines the distance in millimeters between the four mounting holes on a Vestaboard.

Vestaboard comes standard with a 400mm x 400mm VESA compatible mount. If you’d like to buy an alternate mount for your Vestaboard, you may do so as long as the mount meets Vestaboard’s VESA standard of 400mm x 400mm and has a weight capacity of at least 60 lbs (27 kg).

If you plan to remove the pre-attached rails, we recommend re-using the provided screws from the vertical rails to attach Vestaboard to your alternate 400mm x 400mm VESA system. Please check with the manufacturer of the VESA mount you intend to use to confirm the provided Vestaboard screws (M6X0.75 thread, 10mm long) are compatible with the mount sold to you. 

If you proceed with the screws provided by the VESA mount manufacturer, confirm they do not exceed 10mm in length and match the 0.75mm thread, as there is significant risk that longer screws will pierce the Vestaboard backplane.

Ensure the replacement rails or brackets of the third-party VESA mount system sit snug against the Vestaboard. Never over-torque these screws. We recommend using hand tools (and never power tools) to prevent over-torquing.

Whether a mount is fixed, tiltable, turnable or swiveling, your Vestaboard will be properly secured if using a mount that meets this VESA standard. For wall installations, Vestaboard should only be mounted to wood studs or concrete.