Do you offer on-site installation?

Vestaboard offers on-site installation within the United States and Canada.

Vestaboard is designed to be easy to install and set up. However, if you prefer assistance, we have a network of trained technicians in the United States and Canada who can install your Vestaboard with our white glove installation service. Book yours here.

Your white glove installation purchase includes the proper mounting and configuration of your Vestaboard, but does not include the installation of any recommended electrical outlet configurations. You are responsible for hiring a licensed electrician capable of installing or relocating a power source outlet and having this completed prior to scheduling your install.

Shortly after your Vestaboard has shipped with final tracking information, our installation partner will reach out by phone to discuss and schedule your install. During the scheduling call, our installation partner will run through a few questions to learn more about your setting and mounting preferences.

There are some circumstances where additional fees could apply:

  • Removal of any previously installed hardware 
  • Extreme height locations for installations 8 feet and higher
  • Custom wall material installations such as brick, tile, or metal
  • Outside our service network: Should your location be outside our service radius, we are happy to source an out-of-network quote or provide a full refund of your installation purchase.
  • Installation site not ready: Should the agreed upon location not be ready on install day, we are required to charge for the installer's time. Examples include no one being on-site to welcome the installer, an outlet not being in place at the requested location, or moving your Vestaboard to a different address.

In an effort to avoid additional fees, the installation team will require a picture of your desired wall location, prepped with outlet choice, before the installation appointment can be confirmed and scheduled.