How do I set up recurring messaging?

In addition to composing real-time messages, you can also preset your Vestaboard(s) to automatically receive recurring message sets at the interval you specify using our Recurring Messages installable.

Introduce inspirational quotes, a rotating menu board, one liners, artwork, and anything in between. To set up a recurring message set, sign into and navigate to the Installable Beta section:

  1. Click Install on Recurring Messages in the Discover tab, which will automatically enable the installable on your Vestaboard.
  2. From the My Installables tab, click the Settings gear icon to get started on configuration.
  3. From the Get Started page, you can upload your own icon, title the channel, provide a description, and set the messaging cadence and start time.
  4. Click Next to begin creating individual messages for your set. Messages will automatically be scheduled based on the time and frequency set on Get Started, which can be updated later by clicking the pencil icon in the upper right hand corner of the installable.
  5. Click + Add messages to create your first message using either our auto or visual compose. Once finished, click Save.
  6. Continue adding up to over 350 unique messages by clicking the + button at the bottom of the screen.

Your Vestaboard(s) can have more than one recurring message set installed, so feel free to enable and customize multiple message sets, each with their own icon, title and cadence ranging from once a minute to once a year. 

As you add more messages, here are some additional features to be aware of:

  • Drag and drop cards to control the exact order, with the card at the top of the queue being next in line to automatically send. The timestamp at the bottom of the card indicates exactly when the message will send to your Vestaboard.
  • Click any card to edit the existing copy, delete it entirely or create a duplicate that can be used to create a new card using a similar design.
  • To turn off the message set temporarily, you can disable the installable by swiping the toggle in the top right of the screen.
  • To delete the message set forever, use the trash can icon to delete the installable from your Vestaboard. Note that you will lose all of the messages saved to that set.

    If you have any questions during configuration, please reach out and our support team would be happy to schedule a real-time screen share to help you get set up.