Are there templates for composing a message?

You can access and browse a variety of pre-made templates at the top of the compose section to repurpose as a source of inspiration for birthdays, holidays and other key moments you'd like to celebrate on Vestaboard.

To access and use a template:

  1. Click Compose (the + icon at the bottom center of the app) to create a new message. 
  2. Click Templates on the top right to be taken to a dedicated section with suggested designs across a variety of categories like Patterns, Seasonal, Sketches, Home and Work.
  3. Similar to Today's Picks, side swipe to browse different templates within each category. When you find a design you would like to use, tap the corresponding card to be taken into a Visual mode draft where you can finish designing the message before sending.

All users can access up to 15 templates per category. For even more templates per category, plus hundreds of automated channels of curated content, upgrade to Vestaboard+.