I have Vestaboard+. Why isn’t my content sending to my Vestaboard?

If your Vestaboard+ is not updating your content as expected, there are a few possible reasons.

  • Quiet Hours may be enabled. Your Vestaboard will only receive messages outside of the set timeframe. You can update Quiet Hours in the Settings of the mobile app or at web.vestaboard.com.
  • An administrator of the account may have temporarily muted all Vestaboard+ content. You can un-mute all channels by clicking the icon in the top left corner.
  • The channel may be disabled. Make sure it is enabled by toggling the switch to the "on" position in the Manage tab of Vestaboard+.
  • The channel may not have a designated frequency. You can check and adjust the cadence of a channel by selecting the Frequency tab in the channel settings.
  • Multiple channels may be scheduled to send at the same time. For example, having 3 channels scheduled to run every 30 minutes starting at 8 am will cause your Vestaboard to send messages inconsistently or not at all. Instead, we recommended the "stair-step" method. This means scheduling channels to run with no overlap. For instance, you can have 3 channels scheduled to run every 30 minutes, having one start at 8 am, the next at 8:10 am, and so on. By following this method, you can ensure that your Vestaboard messages are delivered reliably and without any issues.
  • Your board may "Virtual" in the app. If your board says "Virtual" in the settings tab, that is an indication that it is not paired to a physical Vestaboard. If you have with a Virtual board and are not able to pair with your physical board, connect with us here.
  • Your Vestaboard+ membership may be ready to renew. Find out more about updating your payment information here