How do I schedule my Vestaboard+ channels to update at the times I want?

Each Vestaboard+ channel is designed to automatically update your Vestaboard with fresh content that matters to you, whether that be through an integration with another data source or through curated content created by the Vestaboard community.
Our real-time sports channels have specific frequency options when the teams or players you follow play, ranging from every minute to end of periods to scoring plays only. Other channels will update whenever certain conditions are met, such as a new song being played or a new calendar event about to start.
Most other channels allow you to set how often messages should send, with options to repeat throughout the day. You can also select specific start times, end times and days of the week to meet your preferred Vestaboard schedule:

If you notice a channel does not include all of the frequency options you would expect, please send us a note as we are always looking for opportunities to add more.