How do I schedule my Vestaboard+ channels to update at the times I want?

Build your Vestaboard Run of Show by setting frequencies for each channel, based on how often you'd like to content from that channel.

Most channels in Vestaboard+ allow you to set how often messages should send, with options to repeat throughout the day. You can also select specific start times, end times and days of the week to meet your preferred Vestaboard schedule.

When building your schedule for Vestaboard+, it's important to understand the concept of the "Run of Show." This is the complete timeline that your Vestaboard will follow on a daily basis.

Here are some key things to consider when setting up your schedule:
  • Simply adding/installing a channel will not automatically send that content to your Vestaboard until a frequency is set. Channels without a set frequency will display "Frequency Not Set".
  • Channels should be scheduled using the "stair-step" method. The stair-step scheduling method ensures channels run with no overlap and multiple messages are not trying to send to your board at the same time.
    • For example, if you have 3 channels scheduled to run every 30 minutes, you'll want to start the first at 8 am, the next at 8:10 am, and the last at 8:20 am. In this instance, your Vestaboard would update every 10 minutes with content from these 3 channels. By following this method, you can ensure that your Vestaboard messages are delivered reliably and without any issues.
  • Channels have varying capabilities when it comes to scheduling frequency.
    • For example, real-time sports channels have options to update when the teams or players you follow play, ranging from every minute, to end of periods and scoring plays only. Other channels will update whenever certain conditions are met, such as a new song being played, a new calendar event about to start, or on command.
  • When a Vestaboard+ Trivia game is active, all incoming messages, both manual and automated, will be paused and will not send to the Vestaboard.

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