Why does my Vestaboard stay blank when powered on?

The most common scenarios for your Vestaboard to stay blank at the end of the cycle instead of an expected message (pairing code or most recent message) are as follows:

Scenario #1 - The frame is not properly in place.

  • Message will not appear if the mask is not properly in place and snug against the Vestaboard backplane. Be sure that your Vestaboard has been properly installed on the wall or on to your preferred 400mm x 400mm VESA compatible stand before placing the frame.
  • Once the frame has been secured to the backplane, power cycle your Vestaboard. Once the boot up cycle wraps up again, the expected message should appear as expected.
Scenario #2 - The Vestaboard is no longer online.

    If you are still having trouble connecting and getting Vestaboard online after running through the above steps, contact Support for further instructions and troubleshooting.