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How do I set different user permissions for my Vestaboard?

Vestaboard currently supports three levels of user permissions within the official mobile app and web.vestaboard.com. When adding a new user, the appropriate role can be designated before sending the email invitation:

  1. Users, who can:
    • Create messages
    • Schedule messages
    • Edit messages
    • Favorite messages
    • View message history
  2. Admins, who can do all User functions plus:
    • Set quiet hours
    • Set time zone
    • Add or remove users
    • Manage network connection
  3. Owners, who can do all Admin functions plus:
    • Delete messages
    • Delete the Vestaboard for all users
    • Manage billing for Vestaboard+
    • Transfer ownership of the Vestaboard

The Owner is automatically designated to the original user who paired the Vestaboard during onboarding, but our support team can help transfer ownership as needed.