Does Vestaboard have a Referral Program?

Absolutely! We understand that you are passionate about our product and we believe in rewarding your enthusiasm.

Here's how it works:

  1. Share the Love: Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about Vestaboard and how it adds a touch of magic to your daily life.
  2. Give $200, Get $200: When your friends make a purchase using your unique referral link, they'll receive $200 off their Vestaboard. You'll also receive a $200 credit for each successful referral.

  3. Spread the Word: Share your unique referral link on social media, email, or even in person. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer, so the more you share, the more you earn!

If eligible, your unique customer referral code is available anytime in the settings section of the mobile app or as a banner at the top of the web app.

Electronic gift cards will include a $200 referral bonus for each referred Vestaboard shipped during the preceding quarter and will be distributed at the end of each calendar quarter via email to the email address associated with the referral link.


  • Any U.S.-based Vestaboard customer with a unique referral link is eligible to participate in this program. Referral links are found in the Vestaboard mobile and web app.
  • The referral link is valid only for Flagship Black or Vestaboard White units purchased in the United States at and is not valid for use with any third-party seller.
  • The referral link must be used at the time of purchase. Vestaboard cannot honor the credit or referral bonus after the time of purchase.

Restrictions and Limitations

  • You may not distribute your referral link for any commercial purpose or publish, mass distribute, sell or pay for use of a referral link. 
  • The customer referral program cannot be used to refer yourself. If you do use your own referral link to make a purchase, Vestaboard will not pay you the referral bonus and reserves the right to reject the available discount. You can always contact us to discuss discounting for more than one Vestaboard.
  • Vestaboard may at any time refuse to honor a referral code and/or terminate your eligibility for this program if Vestaboard believes that you have violated these rules, and Vestaboard will have no liability for you for any such refusal.
  • Vestaboard may choose to restrict the applicability of referrals, at its discretion, at any time.
  • The referral must be claimed at time of purchase.
  • The referral discount has no cash value; it is not redeemable for cash. The party using the referral link is responsible to purchase a Vestaboard for all taxes and shipping costs.
  • Vestaboard reserves the right to modify, change, update or terminate this program at any time. Vestaboard shall have the sole and exclusive right to resolve all disputes between two or more referrers or referees, and all determinations by Vestaboard shall be final and binding. Vestaboard reserves all of its rights under the Vestaboard Terms of Service and all other applicable Vestaboard policies.
  • Void where prohibited.

The Vestaboard Customer Referral Program Terms and Conditions ("Program Rules") govern your participation in the Vestaboard Customer Referral Program. The Program Rules are in addition to any agreements between you and Vestaboard, including the Vestaboard Terms of Service, as applicable (collectively, the "Vestaboard Terms"). The Vestaboard Terms are incorporated by reference and shall apply to your participation in the Vestaboard Customer Referral Program, including, if necessary, to resolve any disputes between you and Vestaboard related to or arising out of the Referral Program.