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How do I remove and replace a Bit?

Individual Bits can jostle during shipment, so make sure any Bit that does not seem to be functioning is flush before removing it. If confirmed to be flush and still not turning, pull out the Bit, swap to a new location and power cycle the Vestaboard to see if that resolves the issue.

To remove an individual Bit from the backplane, locate the small tab in the upper left corner of the Bit and pull to extend the tab outward. Once fully extended, continue to gently pull on the tab to fully remove the Bit from the rest of the backplane.

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To reconnect a Bit into the backplane, gently push the Bit until you hear a soft click. You'll want to check that all nearby Bits are flush and also in place before putting the frame back on, as Bits will not work properly if disconnected to the backplane.

If you need to report a damaged Bit for any reason, fill out a warranty claim so we can review and ship a replacement to you as quickly as possible.