How do I remove or replace a Bit?

If you need to remove or replace a Bit on your Vestaboard, follow these simple steps to detach/reattach, troubleshoot, or report any damage.

Removing a Bit:

  1. Remove the Vestaboard frame.
  2. Locate the small tab positioned in the upper left corner of the Bit. Gently pull the tab outward until it is fully extended.
  3. Detach the Bit by continuing to pull on the tab until the Bit separates completely from the backplane.

Reattaching a Bit:

  1. Align the Bit and gently push it into place until you hear a soft click.
  2. Secure the tab in the upper left corner by pushing it back in.
  3. Ensure alignment: Before reattaching the frame, make sure all adjacent Bits are aligned and securely in place. Improperly connected Bits will not function correctly.

Troubleshooting a Non-Functioning Bit:

  1. Check alignment: Ensure the Bit is flush with the rest of the Bits.
  2. If the Bit is still not turning, try these steps:
    • Gently remove the Bit from its current position.
    • Swap the Bit to a new location on the Vestaboard.
    • Power cycle the Vestaboard: Unplug it, wait 5 seconds, then plug it back in.
  3. Check the Bit: See if the issue is resolved and the Bit is functioning properly.

To further diagnose the issue, you can use our Bit Character Test to rotate through every Vestaboard-supported character and check the status of your Bit flaps. Install the Bit Character Test here.

Reporting a Damaged Bit:

If you need to report a damaged Bit, please fill out a warranty claim so we can review and ship a replacement to you as quickly as possible.