What is Vestaboard+?

Vestaboard+ provides Vestaboard owners with a wide range of channels to effortlessly stay updated with current content, seamlessly integrate with popular applications, and find inspiration, organization, information, and amusement.

Vestaboard+ is simple to set up and manage, offering easy access to relevant content through a library of channels from both the mobile app and web.vestaboard.com.


Vestaboard+ offers a wide range of channels grouped into categories such as Productivity, Music, Sports, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Business, Education, and News & Weather. These channels cater to various interests and provide features like daily artwork, "now playing" music updates, stock quotes, weather reports, sports scores, and news and quotes from a diverse range of sources. These channels offer a mix of entertaining and educational content to keep Vestaboard owners engaged and informed.

With Vestaboard+, Vestaboard owners can:

No matter your interests, Vestaboard+ gives you an expanded set of tools and content to keep your Vestaboard up-to-date with what matters to you. Learn more about what Core vs. Plus at vestaboard.com/plus.