How do I sync Vestaboard with Slack?

To connect Vestaboard to your Slack organization, have a Slack administrator install and authenticate the Slack channel within Vestaboard+.

Once the Slack channel has been added, you will have the option to authenticate so the Vestaboard Bot within Slack knows which Vestaboard to send messages to.

Once linked and authenticated via Vestaboard+, your Slack organization can start sending messages to Vestaboard from Slack by:
  • Syncing a public channel so that any message sent to it also posts to Vestaboard
  • Composing a Vestaboard message on the fly typing /vestaboard from within Slack
  • Sharing an important previously sent Slack message to Vestaboard by right-clicking on the message and finding "Send to Vestaboard" from More Actions

You can link multiple Vestaboards to your Slack organization following the same process outlined above. Each Vestaboard you would like to map to your Slack organization requires its own active Vestaboard+ membership. Learn more here.

If you have any questions, try typing /vestaboard help to initiate the Vestaboard bot. Our support team would also be happy to schedule a real-time screen share to help you get set up.

Learn more about how you can inform and inspire all at once by connecting Slack and Vestaboard at