How do I use Recovery Mode to reconnect my Vestaboard to WiFi?

The most common scenarios where Recovery Mode will help solve connectivity issues are:
  1. Your Vestaboard location has changed, and you need to connect to a different network.
  2. The SSID (name) or password of the Wi-Fi network previously connected to your Vestaboard has changed. 
Should your Vestaboard not come back online due to one of the scenarios above, you can initiate Recovery Mode and reconnect to Wi-Fi by following the steps below:
  1. Carefully lift the frame from the bottom of the Vestaboard, and hold for ten seconds.
  2. Lower the frame back in place and a RECOVERY MODE message should display on your Vestaboard. 
  3. Open the Vestaboard mobile app and go to the Settings menu. Re-pair to your Wi-Fi network by tapping Manage next to Paired Network. 
  4. If this does not work the first time, please power cycle your Vestaboard by unplugging and plugging back in and try to engage RECOVERY MODE a second time.

Please note that Recovery Mode will not trigger if you are connected via ethernet.

 If you continue to have connectivity issues, we're here to help.


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