How do I have one Vestaboard mirror another?

Owners of more than one Vestaboard can have the same content sync to each Vestaboard at the same time using the Mirroring channel within Vestaboard+.

Mirroring allows multi-board users to designate one Vestaboard as a "leader" to which all others will sync with by using a unique code.


To set up mirroring across Vestaboards that you manage, first switch to the Vestaboard you would like to be the "leader" in the mobile app or

To enable and share the leader's unique mirroring code, scroll to Mirroring within the Settings section (gear icon). By default, mirroring will be disabled, so click Manage to enable and copy its unique mirroring code. You can also revoke mirroring of this Vestaboard at any time by disabling from the same screen.


While any Vestaboard can enable and share its unique mirroring code, any Vestaboard that follows the leader requires access to Vestaboard+. Tap the Vestaboard+ icon (flame icon) while logged into a Vestaboard that plans to follow the leader and find the Mirroring channel within the Productivity category of the Discover section of Vestaboard+.

Mirroring Channel

With Vestaboard+ enabled, you can add the Mirroring channel, paste the unique mirroring code from the leader into the text box and hit Save.


If the unique code is valid, the Vestaboard+ channel will confirm that the Vestaboard is now mirroring another Vestaboard. All messages sent to the leader will be shown on this Vestaboard as well by default.

Mirror Success

The same unique mirroring code from the leader can be shared with any other Vestaboard that would like to receive the same content as well.