What are the key components of Vestaboard?

Vestaboard consists of four main components as seen in the diagram below. Download our Installation Guide for more details:

  1. Backplane - The backplane houses all of the electronics, connectivity and power needs of Vestaboard. It also holds all of the Bits.
  2. Bits - Vestaboard consists of 132 Bits, with each capable of displaying 64 die-cut characters (including letters, symbols, numbers and colors). Each Bit can easily be replaced by hand and without tools, if necessary, by removing the frame.
  3. Frame - The Vestaboard frame is made from beautifully finished 5052-H32 and 6063 aluminum. You can remove the frame to access the backplane and Bits if necessary.
  4. Wall Plate - The included wall plate is secured to the wall. The included and attached brackets easily hook onto the wall plate for easy installation.