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Can I share my API creation(s) with other Vestaboard users?

Vestaboard powers a catalog of automations that can control your Vestaboard via Vestaboard+. As a developer, you can create your own to make your Vestaboard talk to a third-party API, integrate with your personal calendar, and more.

In fact, when you create an API credential on web.vestaboard.com, you are also creating an installable to go along with it, pre-installing the Installable in your own account, and creating a subscription on your existing Vestaboard(s).

That installable is scoped to just your own Vestaboard(s), as other users cannot create a subscription that references your creation. If interested in sharing your custom creation for wider use within the Vestaboard+ discover section:

  1. Create an API credential on web.vestaboard.com. Be sure to record the secret half of the key, as it will not be accessible again.
  2. Submit your API key (not the secret) and other installable information via our submission form to be considered for our Vestaboard+ Marketplace.