How do I connect my Vestaboard to Ethernet?

The Ethernet connection should establish automatically if there are no limitations on the Ethernet port being used.

To access the Ethernet port, carefully remove the frame and set aside. The Ethernet port is located at the bottom center of the device, opposite the power jack. 

If for some reason the Ethernet interface doesn't connect automatically, please check the following items:

  • Is the Vestaboard's Ethernet MAC address whitelisted? 
    • You can locate your MAC address within the mobile app Settings (gear icon) by going to Advanced Settings. The first address listed will be your Vestaboard's Ethernet MAC address. 
  • Is port 443 open on the Ethernet port being used and is whitelisted?
  • Is the Ethernet port being used set to Auto Negotiate? If so, have it set to a fixed speed of 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps, as that is what the Vestaboard is optimized for.
  • Are there lights (green and amber) on the Vestaboard's internal RJ-45 jack?

 If you continue to have connectivity issues, we're here to help.