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Vestaboard intends to build a globally known and loved direct-to-customer brand that enhances people's lives wherever they work or live. 

Vestaboard's first and flagship product is an Internet-connected information display that has applicability in three large markets: home, office and hospitality.

Highlights about the business:

  • Vestaboard was previewed for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2018 and since that time we have received paid reservations representing $3.5 million in sales 
  • We have completed our design for manufacturing and are taking Vestaboard to mass production now with 50%+ forecasted gross margins and an estimated shipping date commencing Fall 2019
  • We forecast producing and shipping between 1,000 - 1,500 units in 2019 and being operating cash flow positive based on the collection of remaining balances on reservations and new deposits
  • We forecast producing and shipping a total of 5,000 - 6,500 units in 2020, with 30% of these units being reserved by deposit in 2019 and 70% of these units sold in 2020.
  • Our paid reservations come from individuals for use at home, including well known celebrities, in addition to retail shops, hotels, bars, coffee shops, offices, multi-tenant developments and public spaces.
  • Our customers also include some of the world's largest companies representing tens of thousands of possible locations for Vestaboard.

What makes Vestaboard different than digital signage or televisions?

Vestaboard is a split-flap display that re-imagines a sign you might see in a European train station.  We've upgraded and modernized it for everyday use. It is not a digital sign, LCD or television but a physical display that creates instant delight when watching it in motion. In addition to Vestaboard's beautiful design, unique physical appeal and sound, Vestaboard is 95% more power efficient than a standard LCD or television.

About the team:

Vestaboard is led by Dorrian Porter. Previously Dorrian built and sold two cloud-based software companies, one of which he established as a clear market leader in the higher education market now surpassing $50m in recurring revenue. The Company relies on a team of experienced hardware, mechanical and electrical engineers with experience at Tesla, Apple and Nest. Faiza Hassan is the lead product designer and mechanical engineer with over 15 years hardware product experience at companies such as Amazon Lab 126 (Echo/Alexa) and Dell Computer. Fred Bould through his firm Bould LLC heads the industrial design of Vestaboard and has previously overseen industrial design for such products as Nest, Roku and GoPro.

Company vision and market:

There is a multi-billion $ market to build a direct-to-customer company that improves how people connect with each other using Internet-connected displays. There is a growing trend towards improving the design of work and living spaces, and a growing human resistance to constant interaction with mobile devices and glowing digital displays.

The number of active digital signs in the world is expected to reach 87.2 million units in 2021 with an annual market size of approximately $20 billion. Digital signs are typically LCD displays or televisions adapted for information display purposes in commercial settings, and never used at home.

In addition to commercial sales as part of an established digital sign market, Vestaboard seeks to pioneer a new market for information displays inside the home based on high quality design and smart, software powered use cases to connect family members and friends.

Vestaboard is accompanied by an easy-to-use mobile application that provides content and community features. By providing Internet-connected hardware that impacts daily communication, our mobile and cloud software platform has the potential to generate significant annual recurring revenue. 

For now the Company's primary mission is to deliver Vestaboard to existing and new customers as its flagship product, which currently sells for $2,250, to a large and enthusiastic customer base.

For home, office and hospitality markets, the Company estimates the demand for Vestaboard's flagship product to be 234,710 units in the next five years, or less than 0.25% of active digital signs in the market in 2021. We believe this could translate to the sale of over 50,000 units annually for Vestaboard or approximately $100 million in annual hardware sales of our flagship product in 5 years. This excludes the revenue potential from software ARR, services and any future editions of Vestaboard or additional products.

Vesta is the goddess of house, hearth and home.


About the offering: 

Prior amount raised by Company: $541,269

Amount to be raised as part of this offering:  

Minimum:  $175,000

Amount raised so far:  $207,000

Target: $1,500,000

Valuation cap:  $6,500,000 (+ amount raised in this offering)

Minimum investment amount:  $2,500

Your investment will be documented by a SAFE agreement (simple agreement for future equity). The SAFE will convert to preferred shares upon a qualifying sale of preferred shares of the Company in the future as described in the agreement. 

The valuation of the Company for your investment will be capped at $6.5 million pre-money (+ the amount raised in this offering) on the conversion of the SAFE or in the event of a sale of the Company prior to conversion. 

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