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Over $2.6 million in pre-orders since previewing Vestaboard at CES in January


By placing a pre-order deposit today, you will receive 44% off expected retail price of $3,495 and be among the first to enjoy Vestaboard.

Vestaboard will produce and ship directly 1,500 units in 2019 and you will receive yours as part of our official launch in Fall 2019.

Our early customers include creative and well known individuals who plan to use Vestaboard at home, in the workplace and in inspiring public spaces. As a pre-order customer you will be invited to preview Vestaboard in London on November 22nd and New York on November 27th, followed by events in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

We will close our pre-order for 2019 on Monday November 19, 2018 or sooner.  We have less than 9% of units remaining.


Pre-order Now